First base fine, but Posey wants to catch

First base fine, but Posey wants to catch

TORONTO -- When the Giants re-signed catcher Bengie Molina in the offseason, it raised questions as to where top catching prospect Buster Posey would fit into the mix.

Posey, who was called up May 29 from Triple-A Fresno, has temporarily found a new home at first base -- a role he is learning to embrace.

"I'd say I prefer catching, but I don't mind first," said Posey, who has started 18 of his 19 games at first base this season.

While the transition has been nearly seamless for Posey, he said he still remains a catcher at heart.

"I enjoy catching just from the mental aspect of it, from working with the pitchers and trying to get on the same page with them," Posey said. "You're more involved on the defensive side of the ball."

Posey also added that it has been difficult to stay sharp at the catching position, with most of his time being occupied at first base.

"There is really no way you can," Posey said about remaining prepared. "You can try to follow along out there on defense, but at the same time you're out there thinking about other stuff."