Rowand sits in favor of hotter hitters

Rowand sits in favor of hotter hitters

CINCINNATI -- Center fielder Aaron Rowand was out of the Giants' lineup for the second night in a row Wednesday, largely because manager Bruce Bochy saw no reason to bench any of the outfielders who have started recent games.

Left fielder Pat Burrell is 5-for-12 (.417) since joining the Giants. Center fielder Andres Torres, who plays one of the outfield corners when Rowand starts, has been invaluable offensively and defensively. Right fielder Aubrey Huff, who also has played left, entered Wednesday with a .291 batting average and a .385 on-base percentage. Moreover, if Huff were to return to first base, Buster Posey, who began Wednesday batting .444 (16-for-36), would have to be benched, unless he played catcher.

And since Eli Whiteside received his usual start behind the plate with Jonathan Sanchez pitching, Bochy had no intention of asking Posey to catch.

Bochy said that he discussed the situation with Rowand, who's hitting .225 and is in a 7-for-44 skid.

"I don't know how long it will be before he's back out there," Bochy said. "It could be [Thursday]."

Or it could happen over the weekend, since Bochy is reluctant to subject Huff to the oddities of right field at AT&T Park. In that case, Torres or Nate Schierholtz would play right field and Huff would man left field or first base.

"We might have to gear a little more toward defense in our park," Bochy said.